Opportunity by Innovation

Smart Solution Easy Flow On Tap Mini-Bulk Dispensing Cube for Windshield Washer Fluid and Tire Inflator Service.

Easy Flow On Tap Cube by ArcticBlue reinvents what is possible in an unattended Smart Solution. Innovative hardware combined with the powerful flexible payment solution defines the next generation of unattended kiosks while attracting new customers and profit generation for your business. 

Our Mission

ArcticBlue believes that Easy Flow On Tap is the smart way to deliver windshield washer fluid that benefits Retailers and Consumers in a more environmentally responsible, convenient and efficient way than ever before.

Deliver Windshield Washer Fluid
Conveniently and quickly available on-demand to vehicle operators with a bonus tire inflator service

Reduce Environmental Waste
Eliminates 2 skids, 104 cardboard cartons and 416 Jugs from the environment each time the Cube is filled.

Tires inflated to the proper pressure can improve gas mileage up to 3%. Under-inflated tires lower gas mileage. Properly inflated tires are safer and last longer.

Change The Way
Revolutionize how customers purchase, store and fill their windshield washer fluid. Innovation plays a key role in Easy Flow on Tap’s new unattended Tap and Go, Mini-Bulk dispensing system, a first-rate development to your operations in this half-billion-dollar Canadian market.


Eliminate existing displays of plastic jugs that require storage, inventory control, restocking, monitoring, and on-site empties.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to transition from plastic containers and to deliver the fluid directly to the vehicle’s reservoir. Environmental responsibility and elimination of plastics is our fundamental target.

Easy Flow On Tap is a quantum leap in reducing the environmental impact that exists from existing windshield washer fluid product packaging, transportation and handling in today’s processing methods.

Learn about the Easy Flow On Tap Retailer Benefits

Retailer Benefits

  • Profit Sharing for you, the retailer. No installation cost or monthly fees or costs.
  • Opportunity by Innovation, Easy Flow on Tap is available for retailers with existing Windshield Washer sales or new retailers with no preexisting sales. Add a new profit maker for your business and draw new business to your store.
  • Distinct competitive edge, for you and your brand.
  • Smart Solution to increasing your profit Up to a 45% on windshield washer fluid sales and generates additional revenue with air inflator service.
  • ArcticBlue Team will manage and service the Cube including service management, monitoring and refilling.
  • Optimize productivity, supply chain improvements, and invent better processes.
  • Easy to use touch screen customer interface, accepts loyalty points and reward program cards.
  • On-Screen display advertising of in-store specials, and promotions.
  • Eliminate existing displays of plastic jugs that require storage, inventory, restocking, monitoring, and on-site empties.
  • Reclaiming floor space to repurpose for sales revenue booster. ArcticBlue saves 115 square feet of self-space.
  • Recognized as being environmentally responsible through offering a service that eliminates single use plastics with an easy to use service.
  • Customers will quickly realize the benefits of eliminating the hassle of repeatedly buying, handling and storing windshield washer fluid jugs, saving time and money.

Customer Experience with Easy Flow on Tap

  1. Conveniently located Easy Flow on Tap mini bulk-dispensing Cube.
  2. Touch Screen located on the front of the Cube displaying easy to follow prompts. For selection of service, payment and dispensing cycle and emailed receipt upon request.
  3. Service selection includes automatic dispensing of 3.78 Liters of Washer Fluid or 5 minutes of Tire Inflator service. One Price, One Shot
    (Example: $4.95 for 3.78 liters and $2.50 for 5 minutes air service)

Technical info

Key Benefits

  • Anti-vandalism enclosure and weatherproof design IP 67
  • Integrated wireless cellular communications ArcticBlue connects.
  • Nayax Onyx Payment direct connect, POS sleek and modern, provides fast and secure Contactless and major credit cards payment processing.
  • 360 AI Monitoring software for predicting, scheduling and forecasting inventory needs managed by Arctic Blue.


  • Model: Easy Flow On Tap 1500 dispensing system Island Friendly or Drive Thru Placement
  • Cube Ribbed Style, for maximum structural durability and curb appeal (larger units available)
  • Mini-bulk Capacity: 1512 litres /416 standard jug capacity windshield washer fluid
  • Tire inflator compressor service.
  • Placement require –9 sq. ft., Front 44” x Depth 30.5” x Height 91”
  • Clean Tech Solar Powered operating system, energy efficient 24 Volt (modified to hydro source if the chosen on-site location unable to support solar power)
  • Customer Satisfaction 24/7
  • Non-drip nozzle with 10’ of ½” hose to reach the needs of your customer.
  • Canopy lighting for customer convenience, including Submersible LED In-Tank lighting Cube with Blue Glow (24 Volt)
  • Aluminum canopy and cabinet
  • IP, Trade Marks and Patent Pending

New Profit Generation Ready for Business

Easy Flow On Tap gives Retailers a new reason for current, returning and new customers to be loyal over their competitors. The Clean Edge.


ArcticBlue has created a Canadian designed and assembled product and service that we believe will become the preferred way to acquire windshield washer fluid.